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Last season Alvin Gentry said, "...It's a great, great thing... I think it's cutting edge, and everyone is going to get to using it".
Now is the time to get your organization on-board.
You won't want to be last.

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THE teaching solution for
sports professionals

Coach Alvin Gentry and "Mocha Nate"  from the NBA's New Orleans Pelicans talk with Matt Winer on NBATV about how they use Luceo's Assist app to manage their playbook and coach end of game situations. Just one of the many ways sports professionals use our platform to improve the coaching, learning, and development experiences for their team.

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"If I can adapt to it, anybody can"
~Alvin Gentry

Watch how Alvin Gentry ditches his traditional whiteboard for Luceo's Assist app to review, draw, and teach plays on the bench. 

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NBATV - Pelicans - Nathans segment


Luceo Solutions

Learn how Luceo powers NBA championships by simplifying in-game coaching, and much more, with its unparalleled solutions.


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Simplify game preparation routines ->
Understand development processes and progress ->
Streamline internal communication and planning ->
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